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The weather forecast for Cowbridge on Monday March 18 2019. Our forecast is updated several times through the day. (View in temperature in FahrenheitCelcius).

This Evening's Weather Forecast

Clear sky 13°C55°F
Clear sky and 13°C55°F with a 16 MPH West wind.

Tonight's Weather Forecast

Clear sky 9°C48°F
Clear sky and 9°C48°F with a 11 MPH Northwest wind.

Today's Hourly Weather Forecast for CowbridgeShowShowHideShow

°C°F °C°F °C°F °C°F °C°F °C°F

Short Term 48 Hour Weather Forecast for CowbridgeShowShowHideShow

Sun Mon Mon Mon Mon Tue Tue
18:00 0:00 6:00 12:00 18:00 0:00 6:00
Clear sky Clear sky Fair Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy
13°C55°F 9°C48°F 6°C42°F 14°C57°F 14°C57°F 11°C51°F 10°C50°F
16 11 4 13 18 11 11

Long Term 7 Day Weather Forecast for CowbridgeShowShowHideShow

Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Sun
Rain Heavy rain showers Light rain showers Rain Fair Partly cloudy Clear sky
14°C57°F 14°C57°F 12°C53°F 11°C51°F 14°C57°F 15°C59°F 13°C55°F
20 13 16 16 9 4 16

Past WeatherShowShowHideShow

Weather data for the month of March for the past 3 years.

Year Ave. Max Ave. Min Frost Ave. Daily Ave. Daily
  Temp. Temp. Days Rainfall Sun
2011 12° C54° F 4° C39° F 5 1 mm
2010 11° C51° F 3° C37° F 10 2 mm
2009 11° C52° F 3° C37° F 4 2 mm

Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK. This forecast for Cowbridge was last updated at 16:40:00Hrs, the next update is expected 05:00:00Hrs.

Historical data source The Met Office for Cardiff weather station.