Cowbridge Valet Centre

NameCowbridge Valet Centre

Telephone01446 774441

Address1, Vale Forge, North Road, Cowbridge CF71 7DF

DescriptionWe aim to provide a high quality Valeting service for all types of vehicles using market leading products to bring your vehicle back to its peak condition. Leave your car with us and take time to experience Cowbridge while we go to work and transform your car.

FeaturesWe offer a wide variety of services including our hand wash from £5, mini valet from £20 all the way up to our full valet from £50. Stained fabric, scratched paintwork, soiled wheels even oily engine bays, you name it we clean it. We also offer a diagnostics for your car with our new tech system. If your car has a fault and shows the warning "engine management light" our equipment reads the fault codes at a fraction of the price of an auto technician......just ask for details.


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Cowbridge Valet Centre In Cowbridge

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