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Between July 1st 2012 and January 27th 2022 Cowbridge guide had 1,716,245 pageviews from 528,451 users looking for information in Cowbridge, all at no cost to users or businesses in Cowbridge. This was made possible by the generousity of local sponsors, to who we offer our sincere thanks.

However, it has become apparent in recent years that the Cowbridge Guide needed redevelopment to bring it up to current standards and expectations of web users. Without funding this has proved impossible, so for now, unfortunately, the site has been archived.

Should you be interested in helping fund a redevelopment, please contact us.

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What You Can Find In Cowbridge

With 21 Cowbridge pubs, there are plenty to choose from. Choose a great restaurant from the 13 restaurants in Cowbridge. Like shopping? Cowbridge has shops galore, 53 shops in total.

With 25 cafes, delis, and take aways in Cowbridge, you can always find a new place to eat.